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Here is a company to emulate as the perfect combination of how to run a business. Garden Fresh ™ is the most award-winning purveyor of fresh salsa, exotic hummus', crispy deli chips and the highest quality dips found anywhere. They also are 'Green' and do a lot of good work for 'humanitarian causes'.

Garden Fresh ™ was first prepared in a homestyle restaurant in Ferndale, Michigan. Jack and Annette Aronson would greet their guests with bottom-less bowls of salsa, dips and chips. One day, the Director of a very big chain of supermarkets happened in.

He had one taste of the Garden Fresh salsa, followed by another all the while insisting the couple package the salsas and chips for distribution in his supermarkets.

With 250 rewards for 'excellence' Garden Fresh Gourmet is America's #1 in refrigerated salsa. The secret of their success is Garden Fresh is made daily in micro batches using only the freshest of seasonal ingredients, insuring consistent superlative flavor.

With ever increasing sustainable protocols and state-of-the-art, high pressure processing for non-paralleled food safety; is it any wonder that Garden Fresh products sparked the 'national salsa sensation'?



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